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In many homes, the kitchen is a hive of daily activity: Many homeowners and families spend a good chunk of their day there, cooking, eating, chatting, packing lunches, and so on. Out of necessity, kitchens also have long-wearing , neighborhood. That will give you a much better idea of actual costs than using an unreliable home renovation cost estimator , online, or getting a cost per square foot number that will leave you with surprise costs later on. When making such a large purchase, youll want to have an accurate estimate from the beginning so you can determine your projects true return on investment. Nice, I see you got a fresh supply of lubriderm and tissue paper for "bathroom activities". she definitely thought this through and has spent time looking into what we needed prior to diving in to this project. she's been on point with what we needed for the plumbing side of the renovation.adding second story to craftsman bungalowAs the framing for the Broad Ripple Modern Craftsman Renovation continues to progress, we start to see some of the details come to life. Here we see the roof sheathing beginning and the window openings are beginning to get cut in as we prepared to wrap , the house and install windows. Because the eaves and rakes are left exposed, it is important that the installation of the exposed bead-board decking is done while paying attention to the location of the framing members 8211 we dont want to see any of the nails poking through. Lisa Romerein/Getty Images Shockingly we bought a house that wasn't perfect a few years ago. But the cost of moving seemed excessive when we factored in transfer tax, sales commission, cost to hire movers, cost to make make the house presentable, etc... We talked to an architect about building an ADU. One thing he said that stuck in my mind is that a rule of thumb for cost to build would be around $600/sqft. That was a year ago. Homes around us go for more than $600/sqft so it seems like doing an addition made more sense than moving. The reality is that I don't know too many people who are in their perfect house. Everybody has had to compromise. ""

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